Allen, Stanley

Asper, Zachary

Bistline, Larry

Rickabaugh, Kevin

TECHNICAL COMMITTEE DESCRIPTION:  To implement and oversee all of the technology-based systems in the church including computer systems, office technologies, check-in systems, telephones and cell phones, networking, internet access, sound and visual systems.


  • Must have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, be a role model, and live a consistent Christian life that is sustained by prayer.
  • Must honor confidentiality and not share official or inappropriate information outside the Tech Group; i.e. passwords, security procedure, email information.
  • Must demonstrate a positive and teachable team attitude.
  • Must be knowledgeable in either Sound Technology or Computer Technology as shown below:

Sound Technology:

1. Good knowledge of sound technology for creating a good worship experience. Controlling sound devices like wired and wireless microphones, monitors, wireless receivers, speaker modulations and volumes. Have knowledge of Sound Boards and sound measuring devices. Have knowledge of other input devices i.e. DVD players, mp3 players, camcorders, etc.

Responsibilities for Sound Technology:

1. Control and Monitor sound board and stage microphones to include setup and live performance.

2. Provides equipment setup for worship and other services and needs, i.e.; Sunday School classes, other congregational meetings, conferences, weddings or special engagements.

Computer Technology:

1. Computer Tech for worship services -- the person needs to know the basics of using a computer and learn the Pro Presenter software that is used to present to congregations on our TV screens and to follow directions on how to run the recording of the services.

2. Office IT support -- must have thorough knowledge and abilities of office LAN and WLAN management and security. Must know how to configure routers, firewalls, webcams, servers, PCs (Windows platform), printers, and all related applications used in office environment.

Responsibilities for Computer Technology:

Computer Tech provides screen projections for any services, special engagements, etc.

Office IT Support:

1. Office IT support manages office PCs (includes purchasing/configuration), servers, printers and other office technologies, check-in stations and systems, all related applications, networking and internet access. This includes buying and setup of replacement equipment and all software upgrades. Includes Multiple PCs, servers, networks (office and guest) and all routers/access points.

2. Maintains multiple security cameras requiring occasional setup and maintenance.

3. Control and setup of key fobs and door access equipment for church.

4. Ensure proper operational capability for web sites and be able to write html code for automated scripts.

5. Control office phone system (NEC 1100) and staff cell phone plans.

6. Assist office personnel when printers or PCs have technical issues.

7. Prepare and submit yearly budget request to council.

8. Provide ongoing assessment of technical needs and progress toward meeting those needs.

9. Collaborate with other committees and staff concerning new projects, technical solutions, management, and security issues of these projects.

10. Implement internet/PC policies and assure compliance. Keep PC’s security updated.


Accountable to the Trustees.

Term of Service:

Terms can be from March through the following February, normally longer.