Myers, Phil

Negley, Dustin

Ritchie, Phil

Shively, Troy

Shumway, Beverly

Pastor Rodney Bistline (SeniorPastor)

Pastor Gary Hornbaker

ELDER Description:

A group of people who share the responsibility of providing spiritual leadership to the congregation and overseeing the Pastoral Staff.


  • Must be in agreement with the doctrinal statement of the Church.
  • Must have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, be a role model, and live a consistent Christian life that is sustained by prayer.
  • Must honor confidentiality and not share official or inappropriate information.
  • Must demonstrate a positive and teachable attitude
  • Must have an Aptitude for the above General Description.
  • Congregation: To provide spiritual leadership for them, to be chiefly responsible for the strategic direction of the Church, to live as role models, to feed the sheep with the Word of God, to protect from false teaching and destructive people. They must not be encumbered with things that will distract from the ministry of the Word and prayer; see Acts 6:2.
  • Staff: To care for, protect, and give them support, assistance, cooperation, advice, direction, accountability, and annual evaluation of the Senior Pastor. Review and approve all other pastoral staff.
  • Constitution: To serve in harmony with the Constitution.
  • Assist with Communion and Foot Washing.
  • Assist with Baptismal services as needed.
  • Supply the pulpit in the absence of the Pastoral Staff.
  • Promote good will, be a vital witness to the presence and reality of Christ.
  • Serve as Pulpit Committee when a new pastor is to be secured or delegate the responsibility. Recommend members for the Pulpit Committee to Council for approval.
  • Elect a chairman each year.
  • Shall oversee all special spiritual programs.
  • Responsible for overseeing the Senior Pastor, all other pastoral staff, and committees related to the spiritual direction of the church assigned to the Elders.
  • Consistently attend Elder and Council meetings and assigned committees.
  • Be responsible for Church discipline when necessary.
  • Elders shall serve on one or more committees.
  • Accountable to the Council.
Term of Service:
  • One elder is elected annually by the congregation for a three-year term.
  • Life Elder can not vote.