Council Members


Barnes, Steve

Bodah, Dave

Bowers, Herb

Dubbs, Darryl

Fleagle, Denny

Fritz, George

Gutshall, Mike

Mathna, Rich

Myers, Phil  -  Vice President

Negley, Dustin

Reed, Mark

Ritchie, Phil  -  Secretary

Shaul, Jack

Shively, Troy  -  President

Shumway, Beverly

Pastoral Staff:

Pastor Rodney Bistline (non-voting)

Pastor Gary Hornbaker (non-voting)

Council Description: A group of men or woman  who share the responsibility of providing  leadership to the congregation.


  • Must be in agreement with the doctrinal statement of the Church.
  • Must have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, be a role model, and live a consistent Christian life that is sustained by prayer and service.
  • Must honor confidentiality and not share official or inappropriate information.
  • Must demonstrate a positive and teachable attitude. 
  • Be a Pastor or on a  Elder, Deacon, Trustee Committee.
  • Promote good will, be a vital witness to the presence and reality of Christ.
  • Make final decisions on Church finances and building  and maintenance needs etc.
  • Responsible for overseeing the committees  of the church assigned to the Council.
  • Consistently attend Council meetings and assigned committees.
  • Be responsible for helping  the Church  when necessary.
  • Council members usually serve on one or more committees.


  • to follow out  Council decisions.
Term of Service:
  • Council members term runs as they are part of the Elders, Deacons, Trustee, or full time Staff Position.