Deacons 2021

Murphy, Lisa

Eichelberger, Dianne

Shirk, Cierra


  • General Description To assist in the care ministries and ordinances of the Church.
  • Qualifications.
  • 1. Must have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, be a role model, and live a consistent Christian life that is sustained by prayer.
  • 2. Must honor confidentiality and not share official or inappropriate information.
  • 3. Must demonstrate a positive and teachable attitude.
  • 4. Must be an active member of the Shippensburg First Church of God.
  • Responsibilities
  • 1. Assist in the preparation for the Ordinance services of Communion and Feet Washing.
  • 2. Arrange Chairs, foot tubs, and towels for the Communion and Washing of the believers' feet.
  • 3. Following the service, empty and clean tubs, and send towels to laundry.
  • 4. Care for the Communion table covers.
  • 5. Assist candidates for Baptism.
  • 6. Visit in the homes and render assistance wherever this assistance is feasible.
  • 7. Polish offering plates as needed.
  • Accountability Accountable to the Deacons.
  • Term of Service Deaconess is elected annually by the Congregation for a two-year term.