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What's In A Name? Yahweh Jireh

Pastor Jim Rogers


Description:This week we will continue looking at the Biblical names for God. Yahweh Jireh means God my provider. What does that mean for us in real life? Find out .....-Pastor Jim

What's In A Name?

Pastor Jim Rogers


Description:You can learn a lot from a name. This Sunday I am beginning a new series on the names of God. This week is El Elyon. What does that mean? Find out. -Pastor Jim

Trust? Now Jump

Pastor Jim Rogers


Description:Now that you have decided to trust God in every aspect of your life, what do you do next? Find out . -Pastor Jim


Pastor Jim Rogers


Description:Do you trust God? I mean really trust Him to determine the course of your life, your decisions and how you relate to others? If you ever struggle with that find out why you can implicitly trust your Father in Heaven with every aspect of your life. -Pastor Jim

Ascending The Throne , Sanctity of Human Life Sunday.

Pastor Jim Rogers


Description:Have you ever wondered how the world got in such a mess and what can be done about it? There are answers to both questions. -Pastor Jim

The Deeper Life

Pastor Jim Rogers


Description:What is the deeper life and how do we get it? For that matter why should we want it? Find out Sunday! -Pastor Jim

New Beginnings

Pastor Jim Rogers


Description:New Beginnings by Pastor Jim Rogers.

Christmas Thu The Years

Pastor Jim Rogers


Description:Celebrate the birth of Christ through this original Christmas musical. Christmas Eve

The Divine Birth: Simeon's Consolation

Pastor Jim Rogers


Description:There are a number of different characters in the Christmas story. Each had a different kind of reaction to the birth of Jesus. This week we will discuss Simeon and the joy that filled his heart because of the divine birth.-Pastor Jim

The Divine Birth: Angels Rejoice

Pastor Jim Rogers


Description:Various Biblical characters were impacted in different ways by the birth of Jesus. Each week this Christmas season we will look at different ones and how they reacted to the most dramatic event in all of history. This week we look at the angels. -Pastor Jim


Pastor Jim Rogers


Description:KineticsShippensburg First Church of GodLesson from Pastor Jim Rogers

In Everything Give Thanks

Pastor Jim Rogers


Description:How can we possibly give thanks in everything? Well, that's a good question. I'll answer it on Sunday. See ya then! -Pastor Jim


Pastor Jim Rogers


Description:Kinetics with Pastor Jim

Missions Day

Matthew Geppert


Description:This Sunday is Missions Day. Our Speaker will be Matthew Geppert, President of the South East Asia Prayer Center.

Jesus' Family Reunion: Living Out God's Purpose for Your Family

Pastor Brad Mowery


Description:All scripture is inspired by God. Even geneologies! This Sunday we will be looking at Jesus' geneology and learning about what that has to do with our families today!

Let's Dance (on the head of the serpent)

Pastor Jim Rogers


Description:Are you ready for your next dance lessons?

Let's Dance (on the head of the serpent)

Pastor Jim Rogers


Description:Are you ready for your next dance lessons? Four and five are coming your way. Put on your dancing shoes and I'll see you Sunday!Pastor Jim

Let's Dance (on the head of the serpent)

Pastor Jim Rogers


Description:We are beginning a new series that will teach you how to dance...but not in the way that you might think. Find out what it's all about this Sunday. -Pastor JimLesson 1 & 2

Escaping God, "Reasons Why"

Pastor Jim Rogers


Description:So many people are running trying to escape a loving God that is pursuing them. But why? -Pastor Jim


Pastor Jim Rogers


Description:Note: Sound is a little off. Working on improving.

Escaping God

Pastor Jim Rogers


Description:Are you running away from God?

Mission Sunday

Mississippi Mission Team


Description:The Mississippi Team talks about their experiences on their trip,

Truth Soup Part 2

Pastor Jim Rogers


Description:There's a lot of "soup" out there that is not good for you. It is called truth but is man made. It's not from God. Discover Sunday how to guard yourself from the temptation to make your own truth soup or the temptation to accept someone else's recipe. -Pastor Jim

Truth Soup

Pastor Jim Rogers


Description:Do you like soup? I like soup. But there is one kind I really don't like- Truth Soup. Find out why and what it is on Sunday. See you then! -Pastor Jim

Trip Experience in Taylorsville, North Carolina.

Youth Mission Team


Description:This Sunday as Pastor Brad Mowery and the Youth Mission Team tell about their mission trip experience in Taylorsville, North Carolina.Note... turn down your volume for the video at the end.

Least But Not Last

Pastor John Culbertson


Description:Special guest speaker Pastor John Culbertson brings God's message on Least But not Last.

Where To Turn When There's No Where Left To Turn

Pastor Jim Rogers


Description:There is a place to turn when it seems there is no where else. Find out where that is and why we can have confidence that God's deliverance will come. -Pastor Jim

Church: Rethinking It Part 4- Fulfillment

Pastor Jim Rogers


Description: Life can be empty and we often try to fill it with all kinds of things that don't satisfy. But fulfillment is found in a person, Jesus Christ, and then in some respects a place. Find out more about this. -Pastor Jim

Church: Rethinking It Part 3 Spiritual Growth

Pastor Jim Rogers


Description:Where are you spiritually? Is your walk with the Lord deeper than it was this time last year? Are you engaging in what church really is- a place of spiritual growth? If not, find out on Sunday how to gain maximum benefit from your church experience. -Pastor Jim

Church: Rethinking It Part 2- Fellowship

Pastor Jim Rogers


Description:Church attendance in America is in decline and has been for years. Why? Lots of reasons but most would be remedied if people would begin to see church for what it really is and engage in it. So what is church? A place to worship God, together,with all that we are. It is also a place to fellowship. But that is far more than just eatin', meetin', and greetin'. Find out what more it is on Sunday. See you then! -Pastor Jim