Escaping God, "Reasons Why"

Pastor Jim Rogers


Description:So many people are running trying to escape a loving God that is pursuing them. But why? -Pastor Jim


Pastor Jim Rogers


Description:Note: Sound is a little off. Working on improving.

Escaping God

Pastor Jim Rogers


Description:Are you running away from God?

Mission Sunday

Mississippi Mission Team


Description:The Mississippi Team talks about their experiences on their trip,

Truth Soup Part 2

Pastor Jim Rogers


Description:There's a lot of "soup" out there that is not good for you. It is called truth but is man made. It's not from God. Discover Sunday how to guard yourself from the temptation to make your own truth soup or the temptation to accept someone else's recipe. -Pastor Jim

Truth Soup

Pastor Jim Rogers


Description:Do you like soup? I like soup. But there is one kind I really don't like- Truth Soup. Find out why and what it is on Sunday. See you then! -Pastor Jim

Trip Experience in Taylorsville, North Carolina.

Youth Mission Team


Description:This Sunday as Pastor Brad Mowery and the Youth Mission Team tell about their mission trip experience in Taylorsville, North Carolina.Note... turn down your volume for the video at the end.

Least But Not Last

Pastor John Culbertson


Description:Special guest speaker Pastor John Culbertson brings God's message on Least But not Last.

Where To Turn When There's No Where Left To Turn

Pastor Jim Rogers


Description:There is a place to turn when it seems there is no where else. Find out where that is and why we can have confidence that God's deliverance will come. -Pastor Jim

Church: Rethinking It Part 4- Fulfillment

Pastor Jim Rogers


Description: Life can be empty and we often try to fill it with all kinds of things that don't satisfy. But fulfillment is found in a person, Jesus Christ, and then in some respects a place. Find out more about this. -Pastor Jim

Church: Rethinking It Part 3 Spiritual Growth

Pastor Jim Rogers


Description:Where are you spiritually? Is your walk with the Lord deeper than it was this time last year? Are you engaging in what church really is- a place of spiritual growth? If not, find out on Sunday how to gain maximum benefit from your church experience. -Pastor Jim

Church: Rethinking It Part 2- Fellowship

Pastor Jim Rogers


Description:Church attendance in America is in decline and has been for years. Why? Lots of reasons but most would be remedied if people would begin to see church for what it really is and engage in it. So what is church? A place to worship God, together,with all that we are. It is also a place to fellowship. But that is far more than just eatin', meetin', and greetin'. Find out what more it is on Sunday. See you then! -Pastor Jim

Youth Sunday

Pastor Brad Mowery


Description:This Sunday is Youth Sunday. Pastor Brad will be preaching.

Meaningful! Meaningful! Everything Is Meaningful!

Pastor Jim Rogers


Description:All of creation became corrupted and lost its original meaning at the fall of man, but there is hope. The Great Redeemer of all things has a plan for us and His creation. What became meaningless will became meaningful once again. -Pastor Jim

Meaningful! Meaningful! Everything Is Meaningful!

Pastor Jim Rogers


Description:Work. Everyone has to do it in one form or another, but it can be difficult, and discouraging at times. Work became toilsome after the fall of man into sin. But there's hope! Through Christ our work can become meaningful again. Find out how on Sunday. -Pastor Jim

Mission Sunday

Don Shank


Description:Mission Sunday

Meaningful! Meaningful! Everything Is Meaningful!

Pastor Jim Rogers


Description:Solomon, one of the richest and most powerful men that ever lived, said just the opposite. However, through a relationship with Christ we can make everything meaningful. What was lost or tainted in the fall of man can be redeemed through Christ. -Pastor Jim

Praising Through The Pain

Pastor Jim Rogers


Description:When we are going through difficult times it is often hard to even get out of bed let alone praise the Lord. But if we lift our hearts and voices to the Lord in worship He will lift us out of our despair. Find out more about the strength that comes from praising through the pain. -Pastor Jim

Easter Morning

Pastor Jim Rogers


Description:Easter Morning Service .

2Df Boosters-Practice Makes Perfect

Pastor Jim Rogers


Description:In the last couple of weeks we have discovered the character of God, His promises and seen the examples of how He rewards those who earnestly seek Him. This week we will explore practical ways of developing two dimensional faith. As we all know...practice makes perfect. ---Pastor Jim

2Df Boosters-Part 2

Pastor Jim Rogers


Description:Have you ever wondered if God is willing to do the miraculous in your life? Have you ever wondered if He is able to handle the worst of circumstances? Sunday the doubt will be removed when we look at more examples of how Jesus rewarded two dimensional faith. -Pastor Jim

2Df Boosters Developing Two Dimensional Faith

Pastor Jim Rogers


Description:One of the best ways to develop the kind of faith that pleases God and allows you to experience His power and glory is to see that kind of faith in action. Today we will look at some amazing examples of two dimensional faith and the rewards that followed. -Pastor Jim

2Df - Two Dimensional Faith

Pastor Jim Rogers


Description:Did you know there are two dimensions to faith, yet most people operate only in one dimension? If you want to see the power of God it takes two. -Pastor Jim

Campus Ministry Sunday

Campus Ministry


Description:This Sunday college students from Shippensburg University will be leading the worship in both services. Students who attended the Jubilee Conference last weekend will share their experiences and our own Campus Ministries Director, Tony Morton, will bring it all together with a word from the Scriptures.

Family Matters

Pastor Brad Mowery


Description:Discover how we can honor God with our families.

Awake, Oh My Soul, And Sing

Pastor Jim Rogers


Description: Do you need strength, guidance, reassurance, during a difficult season in life? God's Word provides so much encouragment. So much that you can awaken the dawn with singing! Learn how to sing your victory song. -Pastor JimAdult Choir singing at the end.

If The Sun Has To Stand Still

Pastor Jim Rogers


Description:The Lord said He will never leave us or forsake us, but to what extent will He go to keep that promise? Even making the sun stand still? Todays message -Pastor Jim

How Does God Know You Love Him?

Pastor Jim Rogers


Description:Does God know you love Him because you tell Him, because He is omniscient, because...? There is one unmistakeable way He knows. Find out now..-Pastor Jim


Pastor Jim Rogers


Description:Lesson and Kids singing at the end.

The Jesus Calling

Pastor Jim Rogers


Description:What has Jesus called us to do and be? It is a radical thing. Find out more about this amazing calling God has put on each one of our lives. . -Pastor Jim