Children's Resources

  • Online Kid's Worship

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    Bible reading plan for children:

    There is a monthly Bible reading plan for children. This reading plan is 2-4 verses. It's not too cumbersome for kids or parents and gets them into God's Word. At the end of the month the parent signs that the child did the reading plan and sends me a message (the easiest way for them) and the kids get  a prize. Click here for October's reading plan. The prizes are for each month!

  • Other Online Resources

    David C. Cook "Fun Sized" Family Devotions (Building Faith and Godly Character."

    Click here.

    Click here for "How to Build Christian Character in Your Kids." 

    Click here for "How to Teach Your Kids About God."

  • Teaching our kids to pray

    Are you looking for an easy way to get your kids in the habit of praying, ideas on what to pray, talking to God....., then click here for our Prayerful month guide.